Paper Cups:

TOPPRO machinery have 4 types paper cup machine to make paper cups, GZB-600/LF-110/LF-90/LF-70. GZB-600 from TOPPRO is a high speed paper cup machine which maximum speed can reach 180pcs/min, but we suggest customer to run machine at 130-150pcs/min, this speed can be 24hours running per day. LF-110 from TOPPRO is middle speed paper cup machine, which speed is 100-120pcs/min, the cup size it can do is 4-16oz. LF-90 and LF-70 paper cup machine can make cup from 2-12oz, it’s a low cost machine. Our machines can make paper cups for coffee cup, tea cup, small ice cream cup, and cold drinks. Especially our GZB-600 machine, is the most popular machine for vending cups as the double curling station.

We also can provide automatic packing machine, 4 station or 6 station, which can help you to connect with 4 set cups machines or 6 sets cup machines, to achieve a full automatic production line with packing.

Machine recommendations you need to know
High Speed Paper Cup Machine

GZB-600 High-speed paper cup machine is a machine that have double open cam system, double curling system and double hot air heating system for paper cup body sealing and bottom sealing. Double stations design makes machine running in high speed and making high quality paper cups. Stable running speed can be 130-150pcs/min for 24 hours per day.

Disposable Cup Making Machine

LF-110 Disposable Cup Making Machine, stable running speed 100-120pcs/min,machine uses ultrasonic for cup body sealing and hot air heating system for cup bottom sealing, open cam and gear system, with full automatic lubrication. Machine has full automatic and intelligent system, which is controlled by PLC and touch screen. Machine can use double PE coated paper and single PE coated paper both, for cold drinks and hot drinks.

Automatic Mid-Speed Paper Cup Machine

LF-90 MID-speed paper cup forming machine is a multi station middle-speed automatic machine producing both single and double PE coated drink cups, ice cream cups through continuous process of automatic paper  feeding, sealing, oil injection, bottom cutting, heating, knurling, curling and stacking. The machine adopting hot air system, PLC control, servo motor driving, full-automatic failure warning, counting, detection, stopping, etc.


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