Double Wall Paper Cup Machine

Designed for efficiency and versatility, TOPPRO's Double Layer Paper Cup Machine produces double layer cups simultaneously, maximizing productivity while maintaining superior quality.

TOPPRO's double layer paper cup machine features
  • Automatic paper cup counting and collection table with customized settings can replace manual operation.
  • Equipment longevity and stability are guaranteed by the automatic oil lubrication system
  • Human-computer interface and PLC system control the machine's operations and functions
  • Intelligent design to connect with paper cup machine, to convenient operation and saving your labor cost.
/Paper Cup Sleeve Machine
  • 8-20oz or customize
  • 40-50 pcs/min


TM-35 Double Wall Paper Cup Sleeve Forming Machine is the automatic machine through the procedure of automatic paper feeding, sealing, gluing, to make double layer or ripple layer for inner cup to avoid heat. Machine has a very cheap price to start your business on double layer cups.

/Automatic Paper Cups High-Speed Coat Molding Machine
  • 4-32oz or customize
  • 80-110 pcs/min

The GWT-600 Double Wall Paper Cup Sleeve Machine is an enhanced, fully automated, high-output paper cup sleeve machine, featuring an automatic paper fan feeding, sealing, gluing, to make double layer or ripple layer for inner cup to avoid heat. Machien speed can be 80-100pcs/min

/GWT-600H High Speed Double Wall Sleeve Machine
  • 4-32oz or customize
  • 130-150 pcs/min

The GWT-600 High Speed Paper Cup Sleeve Machine has stable running speed 130-150pcs/min,machine uses open cam and gear system, with ultrasonic sealing. Machine has full automatic and intelligent system, which is controlled by PLC and touch screen. You can choose machine to connect with high speed paper cup machine automatically to get inner cup. Double layer paper cups now are popular using in coffee shops like Starbucks,Costa coffee.

Double Layer aper Cup Display

Our double-layer paper cup machine is adept at producing cups for diverse application scenarios, including insulated cups for hot beverages, cold drink cups, dessert cups, and more.

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You can find the best machine for your application

Double Layer aper Cup Machine Q&A that may interest you

What are the benefits of using double layer paper cups?


Double-layer paper cups provide greater insulation to keep beverages hot or cold for longer periods of time, as well as added strength and stability for more comfortable handling.

Can your double-layer paper cup machine produce custom-designed cups?



How does your double-layer cup machine ensure adhesion between the layers?



Do your double-layer cup machines have safety features?



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