Applications of Paper Container Machinery

Disposable tableware like paper cups, bowls, and boxes is extensively utilized in fast food joints, cafes, hotels, and similar establishments. It offers customers a convenient and sanitary means to relish their meals and drinks, especially suitable for outdoor events and gatherings where regular tableware isn't feasible.

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TOPPRO's paper cup machines ensure the production of high quality paper cups. We offer a wide range of sizes and designs so that you can customize the cups according to your branding needs.


TOPPRO's paper cup machines produce conical cups of the highest quality,cone sleeve machines produce precise and efficient sleeves that fit snugly around your ice cream cones.


Paper bowls are perfect for serving a variety of foods, including soups, salads, desserts and more. Our machines produce paper bowls made from durable cardboard and are available in different sizes and designs

Recommended equipment for your application

The manufacturing of disposable tableware heavily depends on specialized equipment like paper cup machines.

Our machines employ advanced technology and servo drives to swiftly produce top-notch paper cups and bowls. They can be tailored to manufacture cups and bowls in various sizes and shapes, and even enable direct printing of custom designs onto the cups.

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Our Success Stories

TOPPRO's paper cup machines, paper bowl machines and other paper container equipment are serving manufacturers around the world. Find out how TOPPRO solutions are making their jobs easier.



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